SuperSpacer Technology


Does the spacer really matter? Absolutely.
Before we explain what Super Spacer® is, let’s take a big step back – what is a spacer? A spacer is the component, or piece, used in window manufacturing that separates and seals the two panes of glass in an insulating glass (IG) system. Its intent is to insulate your windows to help maintain an ideal temperature during the seasons you heat or cool your house.

So when you’re buying new windows, don’t forget to ask what type of spacer is used. It can make all the difference in the long-term durability, energy efficiency, mold prevention and sound transmission. Windows are a big investment. Be sure to invest wisely with Super Spacer.

Super Spacer Facts:

  • More than a billion feet of Super Spacer has been sold worldwide.
  • Super Spacer has a better U-Value than spacers that contain metal, meaning less heat passes through the window.
  • Windows made with Super Spacer outlast the rest in the industry’s toughest test for durability, the P-1 chamber – lasting up to 125 weeks. Experts estimate that one week in the P-1 chamber is approximately equivalent to one year of service, so Super Spacer can last up to … well, you do math.
  • With Super Spacer, condensation is virtually eliminated.

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Warm Edge Technology provided by Super Spacer used in all of our windows & doors

U-Value better than ordinary spacers that contain metal, meaning less heat pass through the window

SustainaView Window Technology- buying green products is more than buying energy-efficient products. It’s also about buying products that will continue to perform for many years

Health Smart Windows- virtually eliminated condensation and the threat of harmful mold growth on windows