Eco Window Styles

slider window 2 slider windowSlider Window:  Easy to operate due to integral handles and high quality brass roller system that sets aside both sashes independently.  A combination of two or three lite slider windows allows more light to come inside your home.  Our eco-friendly sliding windows can evoke a sleek contemporary feel and can be designed in many different size and style configurations to fit your needs and meet the highest expectations of millions of homeowners every day.  A double-pane glass separated by revolutionary foam spacer technology, double weather-stripping to help block air, water, dust, cam locks that close in opposite directions work together to provide energy efficient, more secure green window.

For maintenance ease, sashes lift in so they can be removed from inside your home for safe and easy cleaning.

double hung window double hung window 2Double Hung Window: Probably the most common window style in a home, our eco-friendly double hung windows are easy to use and provide an exceptional look for all types of homes. Full length lift rails on both the top and bottom sashes lets you open and close the window with ease.  A fusion-welded frame and fiberglass thermal reinforcement give our eco-window lines both strength and durability for a life-time.  All of our windows come with multi-chambered mainframe and sashes, double-pane glass unit strengthen by revolutionary SuperSpacer ® technology, fully weather-stripped and metal reinforced meeting rails, and cam locks that close in opposite directions work together to provide a tightly sealed, thermally efficient, more secure green window.

Tilt-in sashes with recessed tilt latches allow you to clean the exterior of your windows without leaving the house.

awning window awning window2Awning Window: was designed to allow you to breath fresh air even in the rain. The perfect window for continuous ventilation may be used for basements, bathrooms, and entertainment areas as the awning sash opens out. A clean-lined folding handle keeps sunlight streaming in. Super air-tight design with triple rubber gasket technology will block air, water, even dust from the outside in. Multi-point locking system with two locking levers position on both sides of our eco-awning window helps to provide security of the place you call home.

casement window 2 casement windowCasement Window: creates the appearance of a picture window that at the same time can be opened nearly 90 degrees for full-room ventilation, a designer folding handle for clean lines, and the ability to clean exterior glass from the inside of your home connects outdoor and indoor living together.  The award-winning design of our casement window provides the new way to modernize your home’s personality. By replacing your existing out-dated window with European-inspired casement, your home will gain a new sophisticated look that will last for many years to come. It is not only the contemporary look that makes eco-casement windows number one choice among our customer, but its durability, efficiency, effortless operation, and smooth gliding hardware make this deluxe window model into a true high performance product.

The choice of eco-casement sleek design with most advanced technology available on the market today separates this window from the competition and it does not cost you more guaranteed!

picture window picture window 2Picture / Architectural Windows: We carry a full range of picture and shape windows to enhance any style of home from Traditional to Colonial to Modern. Eco Windows provide an exceptional, breath-taking design that can be used in almost every place of your home while allowing a great amount of natural light and deliver the same great performance every day.





bay window 2 bay windowBay / Bow & Garden Windows: Old world beauty and craftsmanship combined with innovative design and unparalleled performance separates our heavy-duty bay & bow frames from the others. We build our Bay/ Bow windows with your specifications; you tell us what you want your future window to look like and we will build it for you within weeks before we install it. Our wide-range of options includes but is not limited to:

  • Oak, Maple & Birch Hardwoods
  • Shingle, Copper, Wood Roofs, Aluminum Clad Kits
  • R-9 & R-21 Super Efficient Insulated Seats to meet our high eco-friendly energy standards
  • Variety of Hanging Support Systemsbay window 3
  • Pre-finished Knee Braces
  • Customer Factory Finished Interiors Stained or Painted by professionals
  • Custom Factory Finished Exteriors with custom paint to match your exterior window color
  • Avonite Solid-Surface Seats
  • Plastic Laminate Interiors
  • Recessed Low-Voltage Lighting


eco window styles



All Eco Windows are available in different styles and colors.